NO: Can anyone help my son by answering some questions on development methodologies?

Geir Fjærli omnis at
Wed Apr 29 11:25:17 EDT 2009

Pardon a non Omnis question:

My son is studying information science at the university here in Bergen, and
as one of the assignments this semester they have created a questionnaire on
selected development methodologies. Namely ad-hoc, traditional,
iterative/evolutionary and agile development.

So I was hoping that some of you might have thoughts on and experience with
one or more of these methodologies, and would be kind enough to look at the
questions and see if they are something you could help him by answering.
(They will not be published anywhere, just evaluated by the university.)

If so, send me an email off list, and I will ask him to contact you and send
you the document. (It is just a Word document, not an online questionnaire,

I know that this is asking you to take time from your busy schedules. I can
offer little in return except maybe a beer at EurOmnis and the thanks of a
grateful student.


Geir :)

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