O$4 vs O$3 performance

Stefan Csomor csomor at advancedconcepts.ch
Wed Apr 29 08:04:14 EDT 2009

Hi Mary

> Hi all,
> I just logged this query with Omnis Tech Support and I need some
> pretty urgent feedback.  Just wondering if any of you have any advice?

my own finding with 4.3.1 with regard to earlier 4.0 versions, was an effect
of redraws being more costly than earlier, so while I was sloppily just
having a 'Redraw working message' in the loop, I've changed that in the more
critical parts to things like

While flag true
  If mod(i,50)=0
     Redraw working message
  End If

i being some iteration variable

so that it still gives some feedback, but doesn't redraw for every single

just my 0.02$



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