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Note that you can use $setnodelist for an individual sub branch as  
well. On of the parameter just receives the reference to the node  
where you want to add the sub branch.

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Am 29.04.2009 um 01:13 schrieb Christine Penner:

> I'm trying to build a dynamic tree list. There is a couple of ways  
> to do that and I'm looking for everyones opinion which is best.
> I will be passing 2 lists. One with the columns (levels) I want in  
> the tree. Including the field name and title.
> The other will be the list of data.
> Currently all trees we use have only 3 levels. There could be more  
> but not many. The data list could be large (possibly thousands).
> No matter how I do it I will have to walk through both the lists.  
> Here are the 2 options I have come up with.
> 1. Add nodes one at a time using $add().
> 2. Build a list (using the kFlatList form) and use $setnodelist()
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