O$4 vs O$3 performance

Kelly Burgess kellyb at montana.com
Wed Apr 29 05:49:38 EDT 2009

Hi Mary,

>server is a G5, 1.6GHz with 1.5GB memory

According to this


and confirmed in the MacTracker app, that machine should have DIMMs 
installed in matched pairs, so having 1.5gigs is suspect.  The 
mismatching works but has a performance penalty.

If it was me, I'd go get four matched 1gig DIMMs for $150 and max out 
the server RAM.  That'd make them happy while you investigate your 
code for bottlenecks.  As far as I know there's no significant 
performance penalty built into Studio 4.x compared to 3.x.  I can't 
speak to ODB issues, haven't used it.  But faster disks and more RAM 
always help.  A two year old iMac would out-perform this G5 with a 
faster processor and a 3gig ATA bus vs the 1.5gig bus in the G5.


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