O$ $makeshema error

Louis Kirouac lkirouac at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 21:51:39 EDT 2009

Omnis Studio 4.3.1 unicode

Oracle 10g on OS X server

OS X 10.4
Oracle thin client


Windows Xp Pro sp2
Oracle client 10g

All the character fields are 1/2 the length they are on the server.


Omnis Studio 4.3.1 unicode

MySql version: 5.0.45-log on OSX server utf8 tables

All character fields are 3 times bigger then they are on the server.


Omnis Studio 4.2 non unicode with the same servers, the schemas are OK.

This is probably a unicode problem. Anybody else seen this, or has a


Louis Kirouac

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