O$: Tree list

Brian O'Sullivan brian.os at verizon.net
Tue Apr 28 20:01:53 EDT 2009

Hi Christine,
If you don't need to set a lot of node-specific properties, then I find 
$setnodelist to be very convenient. On the other hand if you need to set 
individual textcolor, ndoe icons, dis/en-able, expand/collapse boxes, or 
$tag values, then I find it's better to $add() each node one at a time. 
If you use $add() be sure to use an item reference for quick access to 
your newly created node; that's very handy for setting any additional 

Christine Penner wrote:
> I'm trying to build a dynamic tree list. There is a couple of ways to 
> do that and I'm looking for everyones opinion which is best........
> No matter how I do it I will have to walk through both the lists. Here 
> are the 2 options I have come up with.
> 1. Add nodes one at a time using $add().
> 2. Build a list (using the kFlatList form) and use $setnodelist()
Brian O’Sullivan; Bear, DE

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