O7: Datafile Segments

Fred Brinkman fred.brinkman at euromnis.org
Tue Apr 28 10:53:06 EDT 2009

Are you sure there's not something like a Library Procedure kicking  
in?? Omnis does not create segments by itself...
A procedure that looks at the free space in the 1st segment and  
creates a new one when low...

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Op 28 apr 2009, om 16:46 heeft Rob Whitworth het volgende geschreven:

> Hi
> I'm having a really bad day with datafile segments.  An application  
> that I've been using for years to create a new datafile from an  
> existing one is doing very strange things.
> When the 1st segment of the target datafile becomes full, I do not  
> get an error .  Moreover, the 2nd segment is created automatically  
> and it's size appears to the maximum size of a segment so it just  
> keeps adding segments.  Within a minute, from just having a df1, I  
> have df2, df3 etc. and also, strangely, a df0!
> Has anyone else experienced this?
> BTW, I've run the same procedure on a different machine with the  
> same results.
> Rob
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