$objtype for Item Reference

Alex Clay aclay at mac.com
Mon Apr 27 21:45:54 EDT 2009

On Apr 27, 2009, at 8:26 PM, Reg Paling wrote:

> You can define a field reference parameter pRef, and then
> Switch pRef.$type
>  Case kCharacter,kInteger,kNumber
>     Do something
>  Case kBoolean
>     Do something else
>  Case kDate,kDatetime,kTime
>     etc
>  Case kPicture,kList
>     etc
>  Default
>     OK message debug {Unrecognised type.  [nam(pRef)]    [pRef.$type]}
> End Switch

Here's an interesting follow-up question. Does anyone know how to make  
this code snippet work when a literal is passed in? As is, you get an  
error because you're not passing a variable to a field reference  


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