$objtype for Item Reference

Bastiaan Olij lists at basenlily.nl
Mon Apr 27 20:19:02 EDT 2009

Hi Hugh,

It depends on the object or variable your item reference is pointing to.
It can be either $type, $objtype or $coltype

When I do not know what item reference could be I end up doing something
similar to:
calculate lvType as pRef.$type()
calculate lvType as pick(isnull(lvType),lvType,pRef.$objtype)
calculate lvType as pick(isnull(lvType),lvType,pRef.$coltype)



Hugh Bragg wrote:
> How can I determine the object type of a variable pointed to by an
> Item Reference?
> Everything I've tried returns #NULL for pRef.$objtype()
> Is there any way to pass any unknown variable to a method and
> determine the variables object type within the method?
> Any ideas?
> Hugh
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