Omnis color palette (more)

Geert Landuyt geert.landuyt at
Mon Apr 27 08:36:15 EDT 2009

We also use the buttonmode property.

When developing a custom colour palette we came to the conclusion  
event handling in 4.3 is somehow buggy.

This is confirmed by Andreas Pfeiffer a few months ago:

> The color palette has got a problem as sometimes it triggers its  
> $event evClick when it should not.
> As it stands it should only trigger this event after the user has  
> selected a color and then clicks on the major color area.
> But it looks like it triggers already evClick before the color is  
> really selected.
> We have raised Fault ST/HE/1025 regarding the color palette event  
> issue.

Geert Landuyt

On 27-apr-09, at 14:20, David Swain wrote:

> Another Tech News article my help you a bit. In January of 2002 I  
> wrote one titled "Pushbutton Options" that, in part, describes the  
> kBMcolorpicker option of the "buttonmode" property. This article  
> can be found at:

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