Omnis color palette

Dawid Mocke dawidmocke at
Mon Apr 27 06:56:26 EDT 2009

Good day,
I have been quiet for a long time, sorry about that.  I have though started
Omnis development again.
I have a question regarding the usage of the Omnis Color palette.

How do I use it within my application?  I know how to use it when setting
the color of items when designing my app.
But I want to create my own color palette in the application that will give
the users of my application the ability to set create certain statuses
within the system based on color selection.
I want to enable them to create a 'MasterFile of color statuses' of sorts
that they can use as a visual reference of sorts in the system.
I am not certain which object to use.  Going through the External Objects in
Omnis I find a host of standard objects but none that seems to enable me to
use a color palette object.
Is there such an object that I can use of do I have to create my own?

I am using Studio 3.2.1 on Windows XP.

thank you.

Dawid Mocke
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