OT: Life long learning

Kim Sumner tech at corporate-windows.com.au
Mon Apr 27 01:48:28 EDT 2009

The concept looks great but the execution seems a wee bit flawed.
Under the IT & Technology section I found:
1 x Martial Arts & Fitness instructor,
1 x Landscape design & Chinese teacher,
1 x Family Therapy teacher

Several other similarly misclassified entries.

If I was going to use a service like this I'd want the back end to be a bit
more intelligent. Nice idea though...

Kim Sumner
Corporate Windows Pty Ltd, AUSTRALIA

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> Those who can't get teaching (and learning) out of their system might be
> interested in this http://schoolofeverything.com/about innovative use of the
> Internet which only saw the light of day late last year. It recently
> featured in FutureTense on ABC radio http://is.gd/ueCw
> Cheers

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