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Ron Bedig rbedig at
Fri Apr 24 17:09:25 EDT 2009

I've been hammering away at the same Omnis 7 
application for close to thirteen years: 
enhancing, updating and adding custom 
functionality. Actually I've had a hand in 
development of the product for close to twenty 
years, from birthing it from Omnis Hypercard 
(remember that anyone?) to Omnis 5, to it's final 
iteration as a suite of five Omnis 7 libraries 
and two web modules built using Cold Fusion. The 
application is finally being retired (it is hard 
to kill Omnis 7) and I've been laid off. The last 
phase of my employment involved helping to 
specify an exclusively web based replacement 
product, for which I created a business logic 
tier of stored procedures written in C#. I wish 
my former employer luck with that, anything is a 
hard sell right now in the U.S. market.

The application covered a broad range of business 
process automation: purchasing, service, 
inventory, capital budget management and 
accounting system integration. As well as doing 
all the development in Omnis 7, I was the front 
man for gathering requirements from clients, and 
wrote all the specifications and technical 
documentation. I took the Omnis 5 version and 
rewrote it to use either ODBC or native DB. the 
last few years have focused on increasingly 
complex customization for a high profile client 
leveraging MS SQL Server. I've poked at studio a 
few times, but we never got around to converting, 
because there was not enough functional trade off 
compared to the headache of re deploying runtimes 
at all the client sites (that's the customer service rep's logic, - not mine).

Currently living near Montréal, I have permanent 
resident status in Canada and U.S. citizenship. 
I'm hungry for something new and challenging.

Ron Bedig

(450) 413-2598
rbedig at

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