O$ : how to control a brother label printer .(USB, Windows)

Paul Jonson PaulJ at intheus.com
Fri Apr 24 13:11:57 EDT 2009

To solve my Label Printing problems (little labels 1 CM Tall) I moved to
BarTender software from www.seagullscientific.com .  

The solution wasn't cheap ($1,000). I post an XML file from Omnis to a
shared directory.  The Bartender software picks up the file and prints
it.  No missed labels or alignment issues to date after about 10,000
individual labels.

For larger labels (Shipping) to Dymo and Brother printers I just use the
Omnis Reports with no problems.

I would recommend that you look at the FREE Seagull Scientific printer
drivers.  They exist for most printers and will provide a consistent set
of commands and interface.  


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Hi Kelly,
when I map a USB to a com, I go backwards and loose compatibility.
So I will try my luck with a report on this printer.. and maybe using
the comctrl.

Am 24.04.2009 um 15:07 schrieb Kelly Burgess:

> Hi Rainer,
>> what is the best way to control a brother label printer (dl-500,..) 
>> and print labels.
> On WIndows, if you can map a USB printer to a COM_ port, you can use 
> the built-in Omnis Transmit text to port commands.
> I sell a USBTalk external with commands for getting a list of USB 
> printers, opening a driver, reading and writing to it, and closing the

> driver.  It works well when you need to send configuration sequences 
> ahead of the data.  I only have one USB printer, so the external 
> hasn't been well-tested with a wide range of devicees, the Windows 
> version less so than the Mac version.  So when someone's interested, I

> first send a demo to be sure it would work in their environment.
> Kelly
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