Debugging Xcomps

Scott Sturdivant scott at
Fri Apr 24 11:45:18 EDT 2009

I haven't tried the windows solution yet, but I got debugging set up  
in Xcode just fine.
Thanks for the help.

On Apr 24, 2009, at 9:55 AM, John Boehme wrote:

> Hi Scott,
> There are a couple of things that need to be done in order to debug  
> under
> visual Studio.
> 1) Compile the xcomp for debug (you're probably already doing this)
> 2) Place the xcomp.dll AND xcomp.pdb from the debug directory into the
> Studio xcomp directory
> 3) In Visual Studio, go to the "Project" menu and select the  
> "Settings"
> option
> 4) Select the "Debug" tab
> 5) Enter the path to the "Executable for debug session" entry field.  
> This
> will be the path to Omnis.exe
> 6) Enter the path in the "Working directory" entry field
> 7) Enter any program arguments in the "Program arguments" field  
> (usually the
> path to the library you want to work with). You can leave this blank  
> and
> open the library manually if you want
> 8) (Optional) Select the "Post-build step" tab. I usually put  
> commands in
> the "Post-build command(s)" fields to copy the dll and pdb to the  
> xcomp
> folder automatically after compiling
> 9) Set a breakpoint at the beginning of your OMNISWNDPROC procedure.
> 10) When you run the project, Studio will be started (with your  
> library
> loaded if you entered the library path in the "Program arguments"  
> field) you
> should eventually get to the breakpoint.
> 11) If the xcomp is attempting to be loaded, you should get to this  
> point at
> least once. If other things in your xcomp are working, then you will  
> get
> here many times. You will want to remove this breakpoint and move it  
> to
> other locations to determine your problem.
> If you never get to the OMNISWNDPROC, then there are a series of other
> things that could be wrong, but based on your statements that Omnis is
> crashing, it sounds like the xcomp is at least being loaded.
> Good luck. Hope this helps.
> John Boehme
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>>> Hi Scott,
>>> I don't use Visual Studio, but XCode is easy to set up for  
>>> debugging.
>>> 1. add a new 'copy files build phase' to the target, at the
>>> end of the other build phases.  Specify the absolute path of
>>> the Studio xcomp folder - e.g. "/Applications/Omnis Studio
>>> 4.2/" - so that after your
>>> target is successfully built (in your common output folder, e.g.
>>> /Developer/Projects/_OSXDebug), the finished xcomp will then
>>> be copied into the xcomp folder of the Studio you're going
>>> to test it with.
>>> 2. add a new 'custom executable' to the executables node
>>> below the target node, give it a name like 'Studio42', and
>>> specify the absolute path of Studio, e.g.
>>> "/Applications/Omnis Studio 4.2/".  You can have
>>> several of these, allowing you to test with different
>>> versions of Studio.  A menu lets you select the 'active executable'
>>> from among the choices before you build.
>>> Once XCode knows what the executable is, it should allow you
>>> to build and debug.  Note that you need to use the
>>> 'Development' setting for the Active Build Configuration.
>>> You can't debug a 'Deployment'
>>> build, which contains both PPC and Intel code.  The 'Development'
>>> build will only contain one of those two, depending on the
>>> architecture you're using to build the target.  If you're
>>> running your code and not able to hit your assigned
>>> breakpoints, it's usually because you've switched to
>>> building the Deployment config.
>>> A build-and-go should build the development xcomp, copy it
>>> into the Studio xcomp folder, and launch Studio.  From
>>> there, you open your test library and invoke the code that
>>> leads to your breakpoint.
>>> Hope that helps,
>>> Kelly
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