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Steve Finger steve at srptech.com
Fri Apr 24 11:24:13 EDT 2009


In a maintenance area in an app I'm working on, there is a window that 
allows a user to select a .png file from disk for a logo they want on 
reports. They select the file and with previous help from this list, the 
.png is stored in an Oracle database as a BLOB. When the user selects 
the file, there is a picture field on the window that is the same size 
as the area on the reports so they can see how it looks and if OK, save it.

The $picturealign property of this field on the window is kPALtopCenter. 
That has the display of the drawing look exactly correct. However, I 
can't find a $picturealign property on a picture field for a report. So 
the drawing seems to show on the left side of the field for some reason.

If I have the $keepaspectration and $noscale property to kFalse in the 
report field, it prints in the center but is all skewed and doesn't look 
right at all. Setting either of those to ktrue puts the drawing back on 
the left side of the field. I've tried setting the $horzdpi and $verdpi 
to the actual size of the drawing with no help.

Since they could change it at any time, I just wanted to have a one size 
field that would have their drawing centered so I don't want to move the 
report field around to deal with this one logo.

Opening the .png file from a database viewer and the default viewer in 
windows, the drawing is centered in that display.

Is there anyway to center what is in the picture field on a report so it 
acts like the picture field on a window?


Steve Finger

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