[Bulk] Re: O$ : Is it possible to write a app with Omnis and give it away for free

Rainer R. Greim RGreim at greimconsulting.de
Fri Apr 24 08:24:53 EDT 2009

Zitat von Louis Kirouac <lkirouac at gmail.com>:
Thank you thank you thank you,
I even would go one step further.
You get this runtime only, when u register at the RD side.
Benefit: I can put this app on my website for download.
What makes the thing real cool. A app wizzard ( maybe the code of bas,  
with all the copyright in it, and a splash screen), so everybody knows  
the people behind Omnis. I see myseld more as a integrator and  
salesman. Thats why I try to use frameworks..

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