[Bulk] Re: O$ : Is it possible to write a app with Omnis and give it away for free

Louis Kirouac lkirouac at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 08:23:17 EDT 2009


It would be nice to have a special runtime (kind of like a demo that is
perpetual, does not expire) that is free (or very very cheap), and that it
is limited in functionality like local connectivity only, omnis sql, or
sqLite and is single user.

I made an application for meditation centers, where i gave my time to
develop it, and 2 centers (bigger ones) pay an annual fee to cover licences
cost. If we had this kind of licenses smaller centers  (not much budget)
could use my application. If they wanted more functionality them they would
have to pay the reg runtime cost for it.

It would make omnis and my applications more visible....

Louis Kirouac

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