O$ : how to control a brother label printer .(USB, Windows)

Phil Potter phil at pgpotter.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 24 07:12:54 EDT 2009

Last labels I designed for printing, I ignored the printers capable 
options, and just printed a report from Omnis, barcodes and all.

Think it was a Citizen printer we use... Wrote it some years ago now, 
and its still working fine.

We had a number of fixed layouts though, and they were not going to 
change, as it was our solution that also read/scanned the labels 
throughout a manufacturing floor.

If your thinking about your taekwondo app. for many people, then its 
probably better not to specify the printer the people need to use, but 
just a generic label printer, that can act as a normal printer in 


In article <20090424110820.481rie05wsgck88w at webmail.greimconsulting.de>, 
Rainer R. Greim <RGreim at greimconsulting.de> writes
>what is the best way to control a brother label printer (dl-500,..) 
>and print labels. The printer itself is delivered with a software, 
>wher u can define your own labels and print them, also with a 
>The other way to do it, is using the oledriver. But you can only read 
>the label designed with the brother software search for the text, and 
>replace it with your value. Benefit for me: user can design the 
>labels, I do only the replace.
>Disadvantage. I have to make sure the control is installed and running.
>Independent way: dont need all the features, and do it with the omnis 
>report engine.
>How do you do it, in your apps ?

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