O$ : Is it possible to write a app with Omnis and give it away for free

Richard Ure rure01 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 05:17:07 EDT 2009

Isn't there someone in the taekwondo universe who has a (small) commercial
interest in being well liked by the community and who can be persuaded to
sponsor the cost of the CSU? At least that would be a fixed cost.

These days every sport seems to have a sponsor and as the costs of
sponsoring more popular sports increases, sponsors might consider the next
sport down the hit parade. There was discussion on the radio this morning
about the cost of a forthcoming Rugby World Cup being $AUD200M! The world
has gone mad; restore sanity with Omnis.

I understand you are doing all the hard work for nothing; all the more
reason to use the most productive tool.


2009/4/24 Rainer R. Greim <RGreim at greimconsulting.de>

> Hi Roberto,
> The story conitnues... :Rainer the fool, tries another tool.
> The big problem is, I need something which is very small for distribution,
> fits perfect into windows, and allows roundtrip engineering, and everybody
> in the house is able to install it, without calling a hotline. Thats why I
> was thinking about Omnis. Small app, runtime, finished, Rainer happy.
> If they need more, in other words I get money for this, I have to check
> out, how much, and what is the risk. Then its (I do hope) Omnis time again.
> Rainer
> ...still dreaming of a Omnis killer app, which makes me rich, so I can buy
> my palace in italay and asia....
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