O$ : Is it possible to write a app with Omnis and give it away for free

Rainer Greim RGreim at GreimConsulting.de
Fri Apr 24 00:42:39 EDT 2009

Hi Jim and all the others,
so no chance for Omnis . Sad to hear that..
Q: How do you make a fat client gui in php ? Till now I only know PHP  
is good for web , scripting and other nice thngs...
If have some stuf with perl and tcl/tk for the gui. But I dont want to  
use tcl/tc for my app.
So I wiil go into the forrest to catch the fox again. Btw. have a look  
at www.promatrix.com and see by yourself what you get for some euros  
to make a desktop app..


Am 24.04.2009 um 04:36 schrieb Jim Creak:

> php & MySQL  (Or any of the other similar products available)
> Simple, cross platform and free.
> Also expandable later, and easily modified to work on the web.
> Jim
> JACSoft Programming Ltd.
> On 23/04/2009, at 6:48 PM, Rainer R. Greim wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have the idea of writing a small app ( support for taekwondo  
>> tournaments: printing, checklists, a very easy app), and want to  
>> give away this app for free.
>> I have two possibilities to do it.
>> 1. I unpack all my foxpro stuff, where I have all the things (prof.  
>> framework, database designer, installer, doctool), and start  
>> writing foxpro again.
>> 2. I do it with Omnis 4.2.08 ( no framework, no plugin for database  
>> designer ..).
>> Advantage : small, crossplatform...., small installation ...
>> Disadvantage : No framework, Runtimes which costs me a lot of money.
>> What should I do...
>> Makes it sense, to write free apps with Omnis ..
>> Thanks
>> Rainer
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