$assigrow problem

Bastiaan Olij lists at basenlily.nl
Thu Apr 23 17:52:44 EDT 2009

Hey Rainer,

> Hi,
> isnt a shema class something like a struct in C, C++ but more readable.
> So couldnt u use it for almost everything, in a more comfortable way...
I use schema classes like this all the time. Just soooo much more easy
then either defining loads of unused instance/local vars to use in a
$define or doing loads of $cols.$add calls. I have memory only schema
classes (as I've dubbed them, have to give em a name) for loads of
frequently used structures. Its also a great way to document methods
that get a list or row parameter and you want to communicate how these
lists/rows need to be defined for a proper method call instead of
leaving your team mates guessing and reverse engineering your code.
> Btw : is it also possible to generate these classes on the fly ?
> If have use this approch for a long time with foxpro
> step 1: build a table
> step 2: use scatter/gather memvar...
Well you can generate them on the fly but I'd need to see a good example
why you would, if I need a structure defined on the fly,I just use
$cols.$add on a list/row just as Brian suggested.



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