Debugging Xcomps

Scott Sturdivant scott at
Thu Apr 23 16:05:03 EDT 2009

I am working compiling existing xcomps for Omnis Studio 4.3.1, and  
right now I am working on a custom xcomp that zips/unzips files.  It  
compiles and Omnis recognizes it, but it causes Omnis to crash in  
certain cases, so I am trying to debug it, but I'm not sure about the  
best way to do that.  I have heard that there is a way to debug an  
xcomp in Xcode or Visual Studio while Omnis Studio runs it, but I  
don't know how this is actually done.  Currently the debugger won't  
even run in Xcode (the "Build and debug" menu item is grayed out), so  
I'm working on sorting that out (though I suspect it has something to  
do with the fact that this is a bundle, not a standalone program).

Any advice on this, or any other, method of debugging xcomps would be  
much appreciated.  I've worked with Omnis/Xcomps for about a week now,  
so if anything here is wrong or more information is necessary to  
understand exactly what I'm trying to do, please let me know.

- Scott

Mac OS 10.5.6
Xcode 3.0
Omnis Studio 4.3.1

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