$assigrow problem

Brian O'Sullivan brian.os at verizon.net
Thu Apr 23 11:44:01 EDT 2009

Rainer R. Greim wrote:
> isnt a shema class something like a struct in C, C++ but more readable.
> So couldnt u use it for almost everything, in a more comfortable way...
Yes, you can use schemas for more than just database structure modeling, 
although that is their intended use.
> Btw : is it also possible to generate these classes on the fly ?
> If have use this approch for a long time with foxpro
> step 1: build a table
> step 2: use scatter/gather memvar... 
I suppose one could via notation. For non-database/on-the-fly list 
definitions I normally define my list/row like:
  Do myList.$define()
  Do myList.$cols.$add('txt',kCharacter,kSimplechar,100)
  Do myList.$cols.$add('ptA',kInteger,kLongint)
  Do myList.$cols.$add('ptB',kInteger,kLongint)

Brian O’Sullivan; Bear, DE

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