O$431 Angular Graph

David Swain dataguru at polymath-bus-sys.com
Thu Apr 23 11:22:03 EDT 2009

Hi Bob,

Just on my way to teach a class this morning (in CA this week), but a  
likely issue is that the additional layers and the color zones need to  
be added in the $prelayout method. Your object inherits this method  
from the Graph2 component, but you must override that method to put  
code in it. The code to add rings, etc. must go in there. I'll try to  
whip up an example when I get back in this evening if a solution  
hasn't appeared on the list by then.



On Apr 23, 2009, at 5:30 AM, B.F. Fiering wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to use an Angular graph in a remote form.
> Looking at the demo it should be possible to get a 3D looking graph  
> with colour zones in it.
> I am getting the right graph and right information but no 3D and no  
> colour zones in it.
> Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong.
> I suppose it has something to do with $prelayout but i am not sure  
> how to implement that because i use an instance object.
> Tnx,
> Bob
> code:
> GrafiekObj is an Object Instance variable with subtype Graph2
> Do GrafiekObj.$majortype.$assign(kG2meter)
> Do GrafiekObj.$minormetertype.$assign(kG2meterAngular)
> Do GrafiekObj.$angulardegrees.$assign('-135,135')
> Do GrafiekObj.$angularpositionh.$assign(50)
> Do GrafiekObj.$angularpositionv.$assign(50)
> Do GrafiekObj.$offsetwidth.$assign(15)
> Do GrafiekObj.$roundedframe.$assign(kTrue)
> Do GrafiekObj.$majortickwidth.$assign(2)
> Do GrafiekObj.$minortickwidth.$assign(1)
> Do GrafiekObj.$microtickwidth.$assign(1)
> Do GrafiekObj.$3d.$assign(kTrue)
> Do GrafiekObj.$3ddepth.$assign(5)
> Do GrafiekObj.$addzone(0,34,kRed)
> Do GrafiekObj.$addzone(34,66,kYellow)
> Do GrafiekObj.$addzone(66,100,kGreen)
> Do GrafiekObj.$axiswidth.$assign(5)
> Do GrafiekObj.$angularcolor.$assign(kBlue)
> Do GrafiekObj.addring.$visible.$assign(kTrue)
> Do GrafiekObj.ringcolor.$visible.$assign(kRed)
> Do GrafiekObj.meterGraph.$width.$assign(225)
> Do GrafiekObj.meterGraph.$height.$assign(225)
> Set current list iLScore_Bedrijf
> Clear list
> Do iLScore_Bedrijf.$define(Waarde)
> Do iLScore_Bedrijf.$add(iLijstbeleving)
> Do iLScore_Bedrijf.$add(0)
> Do iLScore_Bedrijf.$add(100)
> Do iLScore_Bedrijf.$add(10)
> Do iLScore_Bedrijf.$add(1)
> Do iLScore_Bedrijf.$add(1)
> Do GrafiekObj.$dataname.$assign(iLScore_Bedrijf)
> Do GrafiekObj.$snapshot(225,225) Returns iScore_Bedrijf
> Do $cinst.$senddata(iScore_Bedrijf)
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