O$431 Angular Graph

B.F. Fiering bob at maxolution.nl
Thu Apr 23 08:30:29 EDT 2009


I want to use an Angular graph in a remote form.
Looking at the demo it should be possible to get a 3D looking graph  
with colour zones in it.
I am getting the right graph and right information but no 3D and no  
colour zones in it.

Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong.
I suppose it has something to do with $prelayout but i am not sure how  
to implement that because i use an instance object.




GrafiekObj is an Object Instance variable with subtype Graph2

Do GrafiekObj.$majortype.$assign(kG2meter)
Do GrafiekObj.$minormetertype.$assign(kG2meterAngular)
Do GrafiekObj.$angulardegrees.$assign('-135,135')
Do GrafiekObj.$angularpositionh.$assign(50)
Do GrafiekObj.$angularpositionv.$assign(50)
Do GrafiekObj.$offsetwidth.$assign(15)
Do GrafiekObj.$roundedframe.$assign(kTrue)
Do GrafiekObj.$majortickwidth.$assign(2)
Do GrafiekObj.$minortickwidth.$assign(1)
Do GrafiekObj.$microtickwidth.$assign(1)
Do GrafiekObj.$3d.$assign(kTrue)
Do GrafiekObj.$3ddepth.$assign(5)
Do GrafiekObj.$addzone(0,34,kRed)
Do GrafiekObj.$addzone(34,66,kYellow)
Do GrafiekObj.$addzone(66,100,kGreen)
Do GrafiekObj.$axiswidth.$assign(5)
Do GrafiekObj.$angularcolor.$assign(kBlue)
Do GrafiekObj.addring.$visible.$assign(kTrue)
Do GrafiekObj.ringcolor.$visible.$assign(kRed)
Do GrafiekObj.meterGraph.$width.$assign(225)
Do GrafiekObj.meterGraph.$height.$assign(225)
Set current list iLScore_Bedrijf
Clear list
Do iLScore_Bedrijf.$define(Waarde)
Do iLScore_Bedrijf.$add(iLijstbeleving)
Do iLScore_Bedrijf.$add(0)
Do iLScore_Bedrijf.$add(100)
Do iLScore_Bedrijf.$add(10)
Do iLScore_Bedrijf.$add(1)
Do iLScore_Bedrijf.$add(1)

Do GrafiekObj.$dataname.$assign(iLScore_Bedrijf)
Do GrafiekObj.$snapshot(225,225) Returns iScore_Bedrijf

Do $cinst.$senddata(iScore_Bedrijf)

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