$assigrow problem

Jean Marc Azerad azerad.jm at wanadoo.fr
Thu Apr 23 04:40:55 EDT 2009

HI Bas,

>  With a schema class Omnis Studio uses the
> build in table class but only since Omnis Studio 4.3 (if I am not
> mistaken) and you have to mark the schema class as such. Earlier
> versions of Studio require you to have a table class related to the
> schema class.

To me, the build in table class works with any version of Studio (not  
sure for 1.0, I've never used it)

> Also out of interest, why don't you define iList from your schema/ 
> table class and change your loop to:
> for iList.$line from 1 to iList.$linecount
>  do iList.$insert()
> end for

Brilliant, so simple, never thought about this but obvious when you  
read it
Thank you for the tips, it is going to save me a lot of lines of code...


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