OS4.3.1 Drag and drop fields

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On 23 Apr 2009, at 08:48, Kelly Burgess wrote:

> Hi Mike,
>> Does this mean that you can't drag items from the Finder, or indeed  
>> any/many other applications?
> No, and indeed maybe.
> Mac Finder (and Windows Explorer) drags give you a list of file  
> paths - not that long ago you'd drag 3 files at once but only get  
> the first path, at least my earlier efforts were seeing that - but  
> now you get a two column list of paths and filetypes.
> What I said earlier was that the Finder doesn't read the files'  
> *contents* to populate the drag info - it wouldn't have time/memory  
> to do that.  But you do get the paths.
> Something dragged out of another app isn't necessarily a tidy bundle  
> like a file that's completely describable with a path, and that's  
> where the huge variety of possible forms of data being dragged will  
> give the receiver fits.  With Mail, I just get blanks for a dragged  
> message.  On Windows, they did enhance Studio recently for Outlook  
> drags, but nothing else, far as I know.
> Kelly
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