OS4.3.1 Drag and drop fields

Mike Matthews omnis at lineal.co.uk
Thu Apr 23 02:46:24 EDT 2009

Hello Kelly,

Does this mean that you can't drag items from the Finder, or indeed  
any/many other applications?

What do other people do for Windows or Mac machines?

Mike Matthews

On 23 Apr 2009, at 03:56, Kelly Burgess wrote:

> Hi Bas,
>> You would assume a mail client, when dragging mail, would just  
>> deliver the original mail source text
> Maybe things will change now that processors are faster and memory's  
> cheaper... but that's why they came up with drag 'promises', because  
> it could take way too long to conjur up the data that your drag  
> represents (imagine the Finder having to read a group of files into  
> memory before the drag could really get started).  And the recipient  
> may not want that data anyway.  So drags are designed to be  
> lightweight.  But yeah, it should be easier than it is to turn those  
> promises into data.
> Kelly
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