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Did you really write 'bog standard'??
Apparently you're settling in...


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Op 23 apr 2009, om 03:18 heeft Bastiaan Olij het volgende geschreven:

> Hey Kelly,
> It is kinda weird though. Mail itself is bog standard. You would  
> assume
> a mail client, when dragging mail, would just deliver the original  
> mail
> source text (or at least give access to it somehow) and let whatever
> product accept the data figure out what to do with it.
> I've tried to get this to work as well with no success :( and as you
> say, even if we did, every mail client does it differently and you end
> up having to support a zillion approaches:(
> Greetz,
> Bas
> Kelly Burgess wrote:
>> Hi Andrew,
>>> I have a field that accepts drag and drop text and works fine within
>>> Omnis but I am trying to now drag text from an email (OSX Mail) and
>>> drop it into that field without any luck.  Is there anything I am
>>> missing here.
>> No, you're not missing anything.  Applications use 'drag flavors' and
>> 'promises' to describe data, and every one of them has slightly
>> different behavior and data types.
>> I managed to get OS X Mail drag/drop working by using a custom event
>> handler external that queried back to Mail and fleshed out some
>> details about the dropped flavor, but was never able to follow it  
>> back
>> to an exact message - so I kludged it by using an Applescript to ask
>> Mail to describe the current selection, which is assumedly what was
>> just dragged.  Using the combined info, I was able to come up with  
>> the
>> full path of the message file, which I could then read and import.
>> Then along came OS X 10.5 and a new version of Mail, and my solution
>> broke.  Still haven't returned to it to figure out why.  And if I do,
>> it might break again with 10.6 Mail.  But the other point is, none of
>> what I did was of any use with mail dragged from Eudora, or a
>> Netscape-based browser/mail reader.  None of them make it easy, and  
>> no
>> two are the same.  Eudora stores messages inside larger mailbox  
>> files,
>> not as individual files like Mail does - and it stores attachments
>> separately, rather than as part of a multipart message like Mail.
>> I don't blame Omnis for this problem.  And it's probably hard to get
>> the different mail client vendors to agree on some standards for
>> drag/drop, since they'd prefer their competition to just go away or  
>> to
>> adopt their standard... to which the competitor replies that their  
>> set
>> of flavors doesn't map well to the others, they don't want to have
>> their innovation stifled, etc...
>> Kelly
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