O$ - Tear Off Post Card Report

Michael Mantkowski michaelj at clientrax.com
Wed Apr 22 18:12:40 EDT 2009

Hi everyone,


For years we have printed post cards from a laser printer form where there
are three card vertically on the page that are torn apart via perforations
after printing.


Recently, we have change the format of the return Name and Address area of
the card to allow from 3 to 5 lines. 


The card is done up as a label format with only a Record section and a
positioning section to allow for the variable height address field.


The issue is, that each card needs to be set to a height of 3.6 inches,
which I used to do by setting the Record section to print 3.6 inches from
the Top of the last section.  But now that the positioning section is in
there it is making the measurement off.


I tried setting the Record section to a fixed length of 3.60, but even
though the positioning section is shown as inside the record block, the 3.60
is calculated from the record to the top of the positioning section rather
than the bottom of the record section.


Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get a fixed height for the record
section as a whole in this case?







Michael Mantkowski

ClienTrax Software



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