O7: Detecting #RMOUSEDOWN in enterable table object

Joe Brower joebrower3 at comcast.net
Wed Apr 22 15:03:31 EDT 2009

Hello, Steve,

Thanks for the tip; I will try your suggestion once I get some other things


Joe B.

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Steve Cornelius wrote:

Hi Joe,
"doesn't work over entry fields"
I got this working with just a procedure on the table field.  It works
on entry fields.  Note that my tab order has the table field with a
lower number than its contents.  Not sure if that's an issue though.  I
did have to use mouseover(kMLine) to find which line it was on if the
mouse isn't over a sub-field - Used this code to determine that:
Set reference LV_REF to mouseover(kMItemref)
If LV_REF.$objtype=kTableobj
I hope this helps.

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