O$: Changing individual tab text color on a tab pane

Peter van Rooij petervanrooij at wanadoo.nl
Wed Apr 22 10:50:08 EDT 2009

Hello David

As far as I can tell there is just the tabcolor: for instance in the  
$construct of the tabpane-field you could write :

Calculate $cfield.$selectedtabcolor as kGray
Calculate $cfield.$tabcolor as kDarkGray



> I have a Tab Pane with 4 tabs. I'd like the Text color on two of  
> these tabs to be in red and the Text color of the other 2 tabs to be  
> in black. It does not appear that one can set these properties  
> separately from within the property window. Is there some other way  
> to do this or do I need to leave the tab colors all the same when  
> using a tab pane object?
> All the Best,
> David
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