$assigrow problem

Ionut Trif itrif at coregain.ro
Wed Apr 22 10:35:10 EDT 2009

Hi $all,


I have a very simple function like:


Do workrow.$definefromsqlclass(schema)


For line from 1 to iList.$Linecount

                Do workrow.$assignrow(iList.[line])

                Do workrow.$insert()

End For


Only on one particular client , and only with Runtime (happened only one
with developer) sometime seems that assignrow don't work.

There are particular problems with $assignrow. I read in another post that I
must set current line in the row as 1 before to do assign row because
sometime the only row is not current.

Can be a problem of timers ? We have an 1 sec timer which check something.



Ionut Trif

Coregain Romania


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