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Keith Bartlett keith at
Wed Apr 22 06:00:08 EDT 2009

Hi Rudolf

On 22 Apr 2009, at 10:53, Rudolf Bargholz wrote:

> Another option for application hosting is 2x ( 
> ), which we use for numerous customers. It is much cheaper than  
> Citrix, has a module for the server that converts printed documents  
> to PDF before transferring these to the client, avoiding common  
> printing problems on Citrix, allows one to stream applications as  
> well as an entire desktop, and is much simpler to install and  
> configure when compared to Citrix. We got up and running in an hour  
> (server and client), with no previous knowledge. We loath Citrix  
> installations since we discovered 2x.
> The pricing is per terminal server, and at 990 USD incl. printing  
> module not that expensive. They have a free version for up to 3  
> concurrent users.
> Ok, I know some of the folks that work for the company, and am thus  
> not entirely subjective, but the software is really good. Only  
> problem we are affected with is that on Vista you currently still  
> need Admin rights to start the client software.

We've had one user implement 2x and I was not very impressed, to say  
the least.  Screens which display perfectly on TS & Citrix were a mess  
using 2x.  It appears not to handle background colours/patterns  
correctly which totally messed up most of our screens.  Had to do a  
quick fudge to get it to look something like reasonable, but its still  
not 100%  This is a real case of try before you buy


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