AW: RE: Studio Fat Window to Web Client Window App

Rudolf Bargholz bargholz at
Wed Apr 22 05:53:28 EDT 2009

Hi Stephen, Brian,

>Citrix is brilliant - there is no doubt about that but there certainly
>are issues with printing support and the general cost. (Of course if you
>get enough licenses it is cheap - I have heard of some sites paying $150
>a connection).

Another option for application hosting is 2x (, which we use for numerous customers. It is much cheaper than Citrix, has a module for the server that converts printed documents to PDF before transferring these to the client, avoiding common printing problems on Citrix, allows one to stream applications as well as an entire desktop, and is much simpler to install and configure when compared to Citrix. We got up and running in an hour (server and client), with no previous knowledge. We loath Citrix installations since we discovered 2x.

The pricing is per terminal server, and at 990 USD incl. printing module not that expensive. They have a free version for up to 3 concurrent users.

Ok, I know some of the folks that work for the company, and am thus not entirely subjective, but the software is really good. Only problem we are affected with is that on Vista you currently still need Admin rights to start the client software.


Rudolf Bargholz

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