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I also use a DF1 datafile with Omnis SQL and have found, as you say, that the only ALTER TABLE statement that actually works is one that adds a column.  In fact, I also learned (in a test database, fortunately) that you can run such a command repeatedly, with Omnis adding another column with the same name each time!  I doubt there's another SQL engine on the planet that allows such a thing, but Omnis is only faking relational technology.  That became painfully obvious to me when I learned I had to do my own query optimization.

But to answer your main question, when I needed to alter a column definition in a populated table, e.g., to increase the number of decimal places, I used an apparently undocumented feature of the SQL Browser.  Using the right-click menu, I copied the table to be altered and then "pasted" it back to a new name.  This operation first presented an editable grid for mapping from the original table to the new one.  This allowed me to add the decimal precision I wanted, while preserving the data.  

During the "paste", I also created the associated indexes with altered names. After verifying the copy, I then deleted the original and copied/pasted the copy back to the original name.  It's a lot of steps for an "ALTER", but at least it works.

After completing the table alteration, I did what other list respondents suggested -- I created a new, matching schema by deleting the old one and dragging the table from the SQL Browser folder to the application library folder.

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| Hi all,
| We would like to do an ALTER TABLE using OMNIS SQL DAM connecting to a DF1
| File, but without success.
| Dealing with Omnis documentation, ALTER TABLE can not do anything but ADD
| field at the end of table, and with SQL Browser it's the same problem...
| Does any one use OMNIS SQL DAM ? and if so, how do you alter table when
| needed ? (Change data type, len of a VARCHAR or the name of a field).
| Thank you for any help.

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