O$: Null Fields

Kelly Burgess kellyb at montana.com
Wed Apr 22 00:41:01 EDT 2009

Hi Christine,

>If (pOldRow.FF_HIRED<>pNewRow.FF_HIRED) | 
>  ...
>It still fails though because of the nulls.

One thing you can do for simple tests like the above is to structure 
them to account for the fact that if anything in your expression is 
NULL, the if() test will fail.  So when you write that test the other 
way round:

  If (pOldRow.FF_HIRED=pNewRow.FF_HIRED) & 

and do your positive stuff inside that if(), you can let the NULLs 
fall through to the Else part, along with any non-null non-matches.


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