O7: Detecting #RMOUSEDOWN in enterable table object

Jonathan Rumbold jr at omnipotent.com.au
Tue Apr 21 18:09:08 EDT 2009

Hi Joe,

I am detecting #RMOUSEUP and #RMOUSEDOWN successfully in the procedure for
the Table. The Table is enterable, but not auto-extendable (but I tested
auto-extendable and it works ok then too). I have $clib.$prefs.$mouseevents
kTrue. The objects I'm detecting the rmouse events are display and entry
fields. I'm also able to pick the event up in the WCP. 

I guess that's no help at all, sorry!

My code behind the Table looks like this:

     Calculate LV_LINE as mouseover(kMPLine)
     If LV_LINE
          Call procedure RightEventAction (LV_LINE)) {RightEventAction}
     End If
End If

Jonathan Rumbold
Omni Potent Solutions P/L
(03) 5796 9344

am attempting to do something I've never tried before with Omnis7v3: I
>have an enterable and auto-extendable table object on a window, with both
>entry and display-only fields on each line. I want to pop up a context menu
>over the table whenever the user right-clicks on the table object. Trouble
>is, I cannot get #RMOUSEDOWN to fire, not at any level of the event loop.

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