Studio Fat Window to Web Client Window App

Sten-Erik Björling s-e.bjorling at
Tue Apr 21 11:59:58 EDT 2009

Hi Brian,

As far as I can see it mainly depends on the degree of objectification  
in your app, especially the data management. I do not think that one  
can perform an automatic conversion and get a good, fast and secure  
web client app corresponding in functionality to a client-server  
version. The best approach if one can afford it is to rebuild from the  

If you want to I can send to you off list the example that I use at  
Euromnis lecturing - that might give you some insights on how one can  
work with solutions that will work across different deployment modes.

Take care,



21 apr 2009 kl. 17.33 skrev Brian O'Sullivan:

> Also curious of others' experience in migrating thick Omnis  
> applications to the Omnis web-client paradigm - an option I've been  
> asked to evaluate for our applications at DuPont, not on technical  
> merits, but rather as cost-avoidance. At present we host our thick- 
> client apps from a Citrix farm, and we're hosting that on Win2003  
> servers, which will soon go unsupported, and Microsoft exacts a not  
> insignificant license fee to upgrade to the next supported server  
> OS. So we either pay MS lots of money to maintain the current level  
> of functionality, or invest time/$$ into web-client. My gut reaction  
> was that we'd spend more $$ in programming time to adapt the thick  
> apps for web-client, but if there is an automated tool to do the  
> grunt work of creating web-forms, that may make the option more  
> feasible. Of course there are other architectural considerations, as  
> well as coming up to speed with the web-client functionality and  
> limitations vs. thick-client GUI controls, etc. Opinions?
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> Brian O’Sullivan; Bear, DE

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