O$ 4.3.1 Locking

Nick Harris nick.harris at exact.be
Tue Apr 21 03:22:28 EDT 2009

This is the code that I use.  

It locks all classes in all open libraries.

You can alter/omnit the filter in the middle, put it in there in case
there are any libraries you do not want locked.

Do $clib().$ignoreexternal.$assign(kTrue) Returns #F

; load lst of libs
Do $libs().$makelist($ref.$name) Returns lvLstLibraries
Do lvLstLibraries.$cols.1.$name.$assign('Name')

; filter
Do lvLstLibraries.$remove(kListDeleteSelected)

; lock process
For lvLstLibraries.$line from 1 to lvLstLibraries.$linecount step 1
End For

Do $clib().$ignoreexternal.$assign(kFalse) Returns #F


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Hello Chris,

you can build a list of objects 'to-lock' and then do something like:

For iLockList.$line from 1 to iLockList.$linecount step 1
	If iLockList.0.$selected
		Calculate $objects.[iLockList.C1].$locked as kTrue
		Save class {[iLockList.C1]}
	End If
End For



On 20 apr 2009, at 20:05, Chris Peck wrote:

> Hi All,
> Anyone know if there is a way to notationally lock a class during  
> runtime
> execution?
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