Oracle to Purchase Sun

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Mon Apr 20 21:58:39 EDT 2009


Some time ago Oracle purchased InnoDB which allows MySQL to support 
proper transactions. At that time the buzz was that oracle would 
leverage this acquisition to cripple MYSQL in some way, this has not 

I don't see MySQL as a competitor to Oracle, it is like comparing a 
go-cart to an 18 wheeler truck, they are totally different products 
serving a totally different market.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out.


Jock Philip wrote:
> Looking at a different article about it, something that may concern some
> folks on this list
> "Oracle gets to kill MySQL. There's no way Ellison will let that open source
> database mess with the margins of his database. MySQL at best will wither
> from neglect. In any case, MySQL is MyToast."
> Jock
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