OT: CONSIDEO MODELER see: http://www.consideo-modeler.de/english/software.html

Rainer R. Greim RGreim at greimconsulting.de
Thu Apr 16 08:27:35 EDT 2009

after a long time, here I am again ...
Sorry not really an Omnis topic, but maybe something interesting,  
which u can either use for your daily bus, or write addons to it, or...
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
What the website says :


  The CONSIDEO MODELER combines the leading methods for systems  
thinking. The MODELER allows to visualize, explore, evaluate,  
communicate and foresee intuitively the complex connections in any  
field. As easy to use as mindmapping though more powerful you can  
model you everyday's decisions.

You can download a freeware-version of the CONSIDEO MODELER  
(Download). It has the full functionality with the only restriction of  
10 records you can import as underlying data, the disabled mind map  
import and the restriction to 20 factors for the qualitative analysis  
and quantitative modeling and simulation.


To ease the use of the MODELER for beginners we have renamed the work  
areas to 'Describe', 'Creative', 'Qualitative', 'Quantitative' and  
'Simulate' with new description texts.
The work area 'Creative' for creative meta planning now allows to use  
colors and to vary the size of the factors.
The size of factors is now automatically set. That saves up to 30  
percent of modeling time.
The impact matrix now allows to compare the impact of input values,  
e.g. planned measures, by considering the loops they trigger.
The impact matrix now allows to navigate directly to other factor's  
impact matrixes.
The four sectors of the impact matrix now can be named individually to  
make concrete the meaning of one's analysis of the short and longterm  
impact of factors.
There is a new print manager that allows to manage the printing of  
hundreds of factors of caustress and large models over any number of  
pages of any paper size.
With the new version we also provide a new manual.
For the first time there's a Linux installer.
Companies and Universities can purchase a concurrent user license for  
a use without installation."


Hope I ll find the time this year to goto to Euroomnis..


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