O$: inheritance

Franco Maregotto franco at termeadriatico.it
Thu Apr 16 06:08:55 EDT 2009

I never used superclasses and subclasses until yesterday. Then, building a
little library, I decided to try out this "strange" OO way.
The library deals with a rugby tournament with several teams, distributed in
4 age categories.
After some hours of coding the windows instances (inherited from a
superclass) were done good but I have a wish:

It would be very nice to have the ability to override a single line of code
of the superclass.
So in the subclass all lines of methods should be displayed blue (and the
whole code being visible, not only a poor "Inherited from SuperClass")
Furthermore I wish to override an object in a window. If I have a single
exception (such a button) I have to remove it from the superclass and add it
in every subclass, since it is not possible to change any property, like
forecolor, text etc..

But for sure I have not understood inheritance yet..
Maybe my wishes belong to a "not OO" vision of the inheritance
Where could I find some exhaustive documentation about?

Many TIA

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