O7: #ER = 11022 Trapping the close event in XP

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Stephen.Miller at isofthealth.com writes:

Is there  anyone out there who can get this to work in  this

It works fine for me on XP and Vista following is the code I have in  my 
application control procedure - this checks to see if the user is on the  
'front screen' of the application and if not does  not allow them to close  the 
I hope this helps
If #ER=11009
OK message (High  position,Sound bell) {You have not logged  on}
Quit  Omnis
End If
If  sys(50)<>'wmenu'
Call procedure m_language/30  ('120') {Find Message}
OK message (High position,Sound  bell) {[ML_TEXT]}     ;; Use Quit on the 
File Menu to  close
SNA remain on current field
Test for  menu line enabled Main Menu/0 {&File}
If flag  true
Call procedure Main Menu/17  {[S3MENU062] \q}
If flag  false
SNA perform a  Cancel
End If
SNA perform a Cancel
End If
End If
End  If
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