O7: #ER = 11022 Trapping the close event in XP

Stephen Miller Stephen.Miller at isofthealth.com
Wed Apr 15 04:28:24 EDT 2009


In my recent thread I received several responded from people who
indicated that the close event for OMNIS - received from the [X] close
box on the top right of the window could be trapped in library control
procedure along with #ER = 11009.

For some reason that is completely not working for me on Windows XP
using OMNIS 7.3.8 Developer with or without any internal libraries
running, with or without a window open etc. I have also tried on a
different machine with a run-time.

Is there anyone out there who can get this to work in this

(Personally I am quite happy to disable the application close box as per
Gary's example but the 'powers that be' have a different attitude!)

Stephen Miller 	

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