Getting server IP address

Bastiaan Olij lists at
Wed Apr 15 00:57:00 EDT 2009

Hey Clifford,
> If you can bind on all interfaces, doesn't this solve your problem?
It solves the problem that anybody who wants to communicate with me can
do so on any interface I have, but without knowing the interfaces, I
don't know what I'm listening on :D

When I start up Omnis I want it to bind to an available port within a
range (that bit is working now) but then tell 'other' apps that it is
here and it is listening.
> It is indeed. You can do a "/etc/init.d/foo reload" where "foo" is the
> name of a daemon in Linux, such as Apache, Postfix, PostgreSQL, that
> supports reloading of the config file. There is no need to do a full
> restart in those cases to bind to a different interface or listen on a
> different port. It probably works similarly for OS X.
Yup, if such deamon supports that, I don't believe Omnis does when its
just running as an application



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