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Joe Maus jmaus at
Tue Apr 14 22:47:12 EDT 2009

----- Nick Renders <omnis1 at> wrote:
> Hi,
> We have an Omnis Studio (v4.3.1.4) application that syncs tables from
> an Omnis Datafile to a Frontbase Database. The premise is very simple:
> load the data in the instance of a table class (connected to Omnis DF),
> copy it to an instance of a table class that is connected to  
> Frontbase, and
> write everything to Frontbase.

Not to ask the obvious, but why not just have the "other" application(s) write directly to FrontBase.  I presume it may be due to the fact they might be doing DML type things (prepare for edit comes to mind) and as such it might be difficult to re-write the original app - but then you're putting the data into FrontBase which implies some other process is using those data.  So I'm confused...

However, another approach is to remove the Omnis piece completely and use ODBC and read the data from the Omnis data file and process it in FrontBase.  You may be able to fashion scripts and such to facilitate this kind of connection and it would likely be MUCH faster than using Omnis in the way your using it now to transfer the table data.  Or you might be able to develop some C or Java programs to do the work for you in a more efficient manner.  You should be able to process 10s of thousands of "typical" database rows in a minute using these kinds of tools - but I'm not sure how fast the data could be pulled from the Omnis datafile, I suspect it would be the bottleneck in the whole operation.  In any event, these approaches would likely be more robust and could be easily scheduled to run on a schedule (cron or Windows scheduler).

Just my $0.02 - oh, sorry, tax man took $0.015 of that - so you're left with $0.005...

Joe Maus

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