printers and citrix

Nick Harris nick.harris at
Tue Apr 14 11:32:22 EDT 2009

Hi All

I have a page setups library which has default page setups used by the
rest of the application.

This library contains reports which hold the page setups.

The report name is based on a user defined code for the page setup and
the printer name.

When printing a report and prompting for the destination, the user
selects a printer from a drop list, and a second drop list is populated
the reports matching that printer.

The problem is that Citrix changes the printer name, i.e. 

HP LaserJet 4 on PC_HARRIS in Session 4

next day it could be 

HP LaserJet 4 on PC_HARRIS in Session 6

Before I start reinventing the wheel, has anybody else came across this
problem and how did they solve it.




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