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Tue Apr 14 07:53:55 EDT 2009


We have an Omnis Studio (v4.3.1.4) application that syncs tables from
an Omnis Datafile to a Frontbase Database. The premise is very simple:
load the data in the instance of a table class (connected to Omnis DF),
copy it to an instance of a table class that is connected to  
Frontbase, and
write everything to Frontbase.

This works but is very slow when writing the changes to Frontbase. I was
wondering if anyone has any pointers on how to optimize this process.

There are 2 issues that come to mind:

1) We use the standard v3 DAM methods $insert() and $update() to write
	the data to Frontbase. Will there be much difference if I override  
	methods and use the $execdirect() command with Bind Variables?

2) Everytime we connect to Frontbase, we use a new session (or overwrite
	an existing one). The application is syncing every few minutes which
	means we could have one constant session open except that I haven't
	found a way to determine wether the session is still valid (like the  
	property). Sometimes the Frontbase Database will go offline and the
	application is still	able to call $insert() and $update() with kTrue as
	return value.

Any input is very much appreciated.


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